Wednesday, 9 October 2013


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credit for pictures: We Heart It

Every Friday I will be posting a Fashion inspired post from someone who has caught my attention with their outfits or just because I love what they wear. I've been wanting to do these kind of posts for a while as I love following the latest fashion trends and changes and celebrities are a perfect example to watch the evolving trends. 

I particularly like browsing in my weekly Look magazine for some fashion inspiration as there is always beautiful clothing pieces that are available in stores that you may forget to look in! It's also great to look in magazines at all the latest catwalk shows, I loved looking at all the pictures from London Fashion week. It's not just the models that I take fashion inspiration from but also the people that attend. I always like to see how different clothing pieces suit different people.

Back to what I'm suppose to be writing about and that is infact, Kendall Jenner's fashion. There's no denying that she is absolutely stunning. Her family are constantly in the media and there are always daily articles about them circulating online. The thing I like about Kendall's style is that she doesn't try too hard. She keeps her outfits pretty minimal but still manages to make them look fashionable and classic. Considering she has many other sisters that like to try different styles, Kendall always manages to stand out. Her simple outfits create an elegance which allows her outfits to be worn effortlessly. 

What do you all think of Kendall Jenner's style? Are you also a fan? 

Thursday, 27 June 2013


IT'S HAUL TIME. ONCE AGAIN. I just can't stop myself from buying things, which is the main reason why my bank balance hates me most of the time. 

ESSIE NAIL VARNISHES: I recently discovered a website called Fragrance Direct which sell a lot of Essie colours for only £1.99. When I found this out I just couldn't stop myself from ordering not one, not two but SIX different shades. Even though I hadn't seen many of these colours in the stores I didn't mind due to the price. I was able to purchase a really popular shade on many blogs, Bikini So Teeny. When I saw this shade on there I done a little dance...

The shades I ordered were (from left to right in the picture):
  1. Bikini So Teeny #219A
  2. Cascade Cool #220A
  3. Off The Shoulder #223A
  4. Mojito Madness #222A
  5. Delicacy #10
  6. We're In It Together #240
I'm glad I ordered the ones that I did as I love the majority of them, the colour Delicacy isn't normal a shade I would go for as it's like a pearly shade. However, being the nail varnish addict that I am, I will definitely try it out. 

TOPSHOP: I was just looking back at the photos I took and forgot to fully photograph my necklace from Topshop, how bad is that?! I had been looking for this bright blue jumper for absolute agesssssss and when I saw that Topshop had one I was always going in to see if they had my size and they never had it *sad face*. It was £36 so I kept saying 'do I really want it for this price?' as I did think it was quite pricey for a jumper. BUT then the Topshop sale came along yipppeee and this beauty of a jumper was reduced to £20 and I got student discount off which reduced it even further to £18. What a bargain eh?.

PRIMARK: Primark's necklaces never fail to impress me for the prices they charge. There's always at least one that I end up buying. The 2 I bought were £3 each, THREE POUND. I think they will both look lovely with a plain black or white t-shirt and even look nice with the right outfit on holiday. My second purchase was all thanks to Barbara from 'The Persian Babe' who recently featured this bag in a recent haul video. I had previously seen it in Primark but never purchased it for some reason and it was only when Barbara said that she had bought a replacement for when it breaks was when I decided I had to have it. I've had this bag for around 2 weeks and I take it absolutely everywhere with me, it's perfect! I recommend you all getting one of these bags as they honestly look more expensive than £8 and they are the best size bag for when you don't want to take a big bag out during the day. I'm tempted to get the tan colour too..

I hope you all enjoyed this haul, let me know if you like any of the items that I purchased or if you are going to purchase any yourself. Hope you'll all having a lovely week.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


credit to: LaurenConradFan for the above pictures

Can someone please explain to me why Lauren Conrad ALWAYS looks good?! I absolutely love her fashion sense and I don't think there has been a time where I had a 'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?!' moment. I've just started watching all the series of 'The Hills' and I have to say I'm addicted to it - had to order the rest of the series just so I can watch them. I think I might do a Celebrity Fashion post every Friday with my favourite fashion looks of that week. Let me know what you all think of that idea. 
I was recently browsing on E-bay (as you do) and came across this book:
Okay I admit, the pictures aren't amazing - currently saving to buy a new camera that takes high quality pictures. BUT, I still think you are able to see the inside of the book and some of what it contains. I have been wanting this book and also the 'Beauty' book by Lauren Conrad for absolute ages and when I came across this at the price I saw it at I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. 
The amount I paid for this book was...£2.99 and that's including postage costs. I know, I got myself a right bargain there didn't I?! It wasn't described as new and instead said it was in very good condition, however, I think it could have easily been put on as brand new. Apart from the slight crumpled part at the top it doesn't affect the inside of the book and it is as good a new. 
I'm an extremely happy bunny and cannot wait to start reading this. I'm already on the lookout for the 'Beauty' one and also want to read her other books she has published. 

Have any of you read this book?

Sunday, 2 June 2013


So here are my recent Topshop buys. I have wanted a daisy printed top for agesssssss but have never been able to find the exact type that I was looking for UNTIL TOPSHOP. I absolutely love the style of the Topshop top as it has an oversized fit which I like to wear. I have worn it with a white vest top underneath and the print really stands out. The top was only £26 and I got student discount of 10% which got me £2.60 off woohoo. 

Also while I was in Topshop I wanted a statement necklace to go with the top but finally decided that anything too chunky and bold would not suit the top juts because of the detail on the top. The top picture shows the necklace I decided to pair with the top but once I got home I put it on with the top and think that the top does NOT need a necklace. I think it looks like there is too much going on when a necklace is added. The necklace was £10 and again I received student discount which got me £1 off. The picture hasn't shown the necklaces true colour very well as it is a gold colour whereas in the photo it looks like a bronze/silver colour, woops bad camera skills! 

Okay, I've put OOTN but you only get to see the top half of my outfit as I forgot to take a full length picture *sad face*. The picture below (excuse the pouting) shows how I teamed it with a bright pink lip and curly hair! 
What do you all think of my Topshop buys? 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What I Got For My Birthday - May 2013

   It was my birthday on Sunday & I turned 19 years old (last year of my teens ahhh). I spent the day up London with my family and then went for a meal in the evening, it was a lovely way to spend my birthday doing a little bit of shopping and having a chilled out day, my brother and dad would definitely not agree with that statement due to them hating shopping with me and my mum SO much. But because it was my birthday they had to be nice and endure it, I can tell you that they found it hard - Primark is their all time favourite shop..NOT.
The above pictures show what I received from my mum, dad, brother and one of my close friends. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my LUSH bombs but I think I'll be doing a separate post for those so keep an eye out for that. I did get 3 LUSH bombs from my friend & 3 from my mum and dad. 
I have to say I couldn't believe the amount of things I received for my birthday and I am extremely grateful for every single item. I know everyone says this in posts etc but I really am not bragging about what I got, I purely done this post for people that are genuinely interested. Personally, these types of posts along with hauls are my favourite to read, it always gives me new items to purchase. Ouch for my bank balance. 
The Rimmel London lipsticks are in the shade Coral Queen & Nude Delight - I blame Tanya Burr for me wanting those as she featured them in a recent favourites video and I immediately loved them. 
I'll be doing swatches of the lipsticks in another post otherwise there will be millions of photos!!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got for my birthday this year. 
Are these your favourite posts to read aswell?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

REVIEW: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Another product, another review. I have to admit when it comes to lipsticks/lipbalms etc, I think I speak for the majority of people when I say that I want them to LAST. I've bought many lip products in the past and been so disappointed with the length of time that they stay on my lips. 
This product did not disappoint as it is a 'balm stain'. I'd see these on my different blogs and thought I'd give them a try. This product definitely stays on my lips a lot longer than many lipsticks I have tried and I'm very impressed. However, because it is a stain I have had the problem of trying on this colour with an outfit and realising that the colour doesn't go with my outfit and had to try and scrub it off - does get a bit painful after a while! Suppose it's my own fault really but I honestly didn't know how hard they would be to get off and believe me when I say these are hard to get off once you've applied them. The smell of this product is a downside for me, it has a strong minty smell, something that I find only acceptable in chewing gum! I absolutely hate the smell of mint on a lipstick or any other make-up related product. The colour does start wearing off and you do still need the occassional colour top up to maintain the brightness of the balm stain but overall I'm impressed. 
I haven't tried any other colours from the range but I have a feeling I might have to have a cheeky purchase of a few. 
What do you all think of these balm stains by Revlon? Are you a fan?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 - Money Supermarket

Recently I was contacted by Money Supermarket to take part in their '30 ways to save £1' campaign. On April 21st, 2013 the one pound coin celebrated its 30 year anniversary. Most of my ways are to save more than £1. It is always a good feeling when you're able to save as much money as possible! I must admit this was harder than I first realised to think of 30. 

  1. Car Boot Sales - Every Sunday, my dad and occasionally me, go to car boot sales around our area. It is incredible when you look at all the bargains you find when you do go. You should go to a car boot sale, I love them and I'm always finding new films that I want to watch for only 50p!!!
  2. Ebay/Amazon - These are just 2 online websites that you can find cheaper alternatives. They are a great way of finding cheaper items. For example, I wanted a lipstick from Maybelline and it was £7 in stores but on Amazon I found one for £2.50. 
  3. Supermarket Own Brands - These are so much cheaper than the well known brands.
  4. Pay as you go vs Contacts - I'm currently on a £25 a month contract and I absolutely HATE it. The fact that I can't stop it or reduce the minutes/texts that I receive really annoys me. I can't wait until the contract is finished in December and I'll be able to think about going on a pay as you go, that way I will only use money when I need to instead of paying £25 every month. You can find really good contracts for a lot less than £25, just don't fall in the same trap that I did! 
  5. Offers at the Supermarkets - Different supermarkets do different offers every single week.
  6. £1 shops (Poundland etc) - The £1 shops have items that are in the supermarkets at an increased price and you can get them in £1 shops for of course £1! Always check to see what they have in there before purchasing them in the supermarkets.
  7. Oyster Cards - If you travel occasionally then oyster cards are an essential item.  
  8. Pre Book your Travel - If you have a date set as to when you'll be travelling somewhere, why not book your travel weeks in advance. It saves you a lot of money. 
  9. Walking to places - If you need to pop down to the shops or go somewhere local, walk and don't take a form of transport. If you normally take a car it'll save you petrol money and if you take the bus/train it will save you money in fares. 
  10. 3 for 2 offers on make-up etc - An extra item for free, yes please. 
  11. Loyalty Cards - I've got loyalty cards for both Superdrug & Boots and my points are gradually increasing. For boots I think I have around the £20 mark worth of points which is really exciting to think I'll be getting something for 'free'. You can get loyalty cards for supermarkets aswell and they send you vouchers for money off your next shop. Such a great way to save money. 
  12. Avoid Takeaways - cook your own meals, takeaways take away money that you could spend on something else that you REALLY want. 
  13. Cinema offers - 2 for 1 on Orange Wednesdays, AMAZING. I use this all the time as the cinema prices have increased dramatically in the past couple of years. With the 2 for 1 you end up paying about £3.50!
  14. Student Discount - As a student myself, so many stores offer 10%+ off. I absolutely love this, especially in places such as Topshop where the clothing and jewellery are at a higher price. 
  15. Newspapers promotions - Alton Towers & Thorpe Park tickets are a regular occurrence in newspapers, saving you money on a full price ticket. 
  16. Charity Shops - You are always able to find some good bargains in charity shops, a lot of the time people forget about places like this but it's definitely worth a look. 
  17. Visit Second Hand Shops - Furniture etc at a discounted price - sounds good to me.
  18. Don't buy magazines - A lot of magazine companies have online websites where they put the majority of content from their weekly magazine. On a daily basis, I browse DailyMail online and catch up with the latest celeb gossip but also what is happening in the world. It's a great way to save yourself £1+ a week on magazine subscriptions or buying a newspaper daily when the content is available for free online. 
  19. Share your clothes/jewellery etc with family members - don't worry I don't mean share your dresses with your brother and dad or anything like that! My mum loves to borrow my jewellery/accessories to add something extra to her outfit, it's free to borrow off of people so why not do it?! 
  20. Buy body sprays rather than perfume - I know how expensive perfumes can be and sometimes body sprays can last longer than perfumes. You can get a variety of different smells, especially Boots own brand, they do some lovely scents. 
  21. Clothes are cheaper elsewhere - Topshop had a top for around £16 and I was so tempted to buy it. It was only a plain short sleeved t-shirt but I couldn't justify spending that amount of money. I went shopping in many different places and sure enough in Primark they had exactly the same top but for £3.50. It shows that looking in different/cheaper stores you are able to find the items you need but for a fraction of the price. Overall, I saved myself £10+, amazing! 
  22. FreeView instead of Sky? - My family's sky bill is over £100 a month and I have to admit, half the channels go unwatched. Freeview is a great way to save money as it is FREE and more channels have been added. 
  23. Credit Card 0% introductory offer - this gives you 0% interest on purchases for a certain amount of months. It's always good to look out for it!
  24. Social Media Advertising - You can always advertise your business/company on the popular social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. These are all FREE to sign up for and give you recognition.
  25. Piggy Banks - Save those 20p,50p and all loose change that you have in your purse or the bottom of your bag. I promise you the money will soon add up, just don't be tempted to take the money out. 
  26. Gym Memberships - If you are motivated to go to the gym weekly/monthly, an annual gym membership can save you money. The annual memberships allow you to go as much as possible - just make sure you stay committed to it to get your money's worth!
  27. Government Websites - See what your entitlements are regarding free dentistry and any other health care related issues. 
  28. Energy saving products - For example, energy saving lightbulbs are much cheaper to run and last longer than the conventional ones.
  29. Holidays - It is significantly cheaper to book a holiday out of school term times.
  30. Cash Discounts - Certain shops have been known to give discounts to customers if they are paying by cash and not using their card.
WOAH, that was hard work thinking of varied and useful money saving tips! I hope some of them help you if you are trying to save an extra little bit of cash.